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VoIP Tools add-ons allows you to grow beyond 3CX with market driven features demanded by the customer base. HELIA is a proud VoIPTools partner and reseller and recommend VoIPTools to all of our customers

Custom Development

When 3CX doesn't provide a feature that you need, custom development is available. Custom development can be affordable and delivers exactly the functionality your company needs.

If you're looking for Custom Development, call HELIA. We'll work with the VoIPTools team to create the functionality you need.

Commercial Add-ons for 3CX

Here are some commercial add-ons available for 3CX. Call HELIA for a demo and to learn more.

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  • 3CX Voicemail Manager

    With 3CX Voicemail Manager, you can automatically forward voicemails to distribution groups, receive text transcriptions of your voicemails, archive...

  • 3CX Recording Manager

    The Enterprise edition of 3CX Recording Manager has all the capabilities of the standard edition, PLUS has the ability...

  • 3CX Surveyor

    3CX Surveyor is a dialer solution that enables agents to place calls, read survey scripts, and record information into...

  • 3CX Exporter

    Automate the export of 3CX Call Detail Records (and more) to SQL Server or MySQL with this simple to...

  • 3CX On Call Manager

    Paying for an expensive after-hours answering service? With 3CX On Call Manager you can create recurring on-call schedules for...

  • 3CX Robo Dialer

    With 3CX Dialer you can automate the unattended calls to patients, customers or students using unique contact lists (campaigns).

  • 3CX Queue Notifier (Chime)

    Do you need an audible chime when too many people are waiting in the queue? This add-on enables you...

  • 3CX Competitive Wallboard

    Now you can monitor the activities of your inbound / outbound call center with 3CX Competitive Wallboard. This web...

  • 3CX Audio Scheduler

    Schedule custom paging announcements or tones with 3CX Audio Scheduler. Use it to notify staff of break times, shift...

  • Tania Spears

    Helia Technologies is my go to place for any computer issues. They are knowledgeable and they always go the extra mile when I have any issues. Darvin and his team are phenomenal. Highly, highly recommended.

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