VoIP-Info and HeliaVoice - Delivering Lower Cost Calling and Better VoIP Through Advanced Technologies

VoIP-Info are experts in lowering the cost of business phone calls and uses leading edge technologies to help lower phone system costs to end users. HeliaVoice supports VoIP-Info and relies on their technology to deliver lower costs and better reliability to phone system users in western Canada.


HeliaVoice delivers phone services to companies in western Canada. Our solutions include call center software for internal call teams, hosted phone systems for smaller companies, dedicated business lines for retail business, fast dsl internet, and 3CX phone system for larger established business.

PhonesAlberta.ca is the 3CX product site of HeliaVoice. We provide full service end to end business phone system installation and support for 3CX Phone system in small and medium sized companies. We provide call center training, call center software and implementation for sales organization and full support for Cisco, Yealink, Snom, Polycom and other leading VoIP phone manufacturers


VoIPVoIP.com is the consumer division of Kosmaz Technologies LLC. Kosmaz Technologies is a Next Generation Internet Telephony Provider, introducing to the Internet community worldwide innovative voice and advanced real time communication services over the public Internet.

Our Mission is to establish a FREE of calling charges, global VoIP VoIP network, bypass the local telephone companies, liberate the end user from carrier barriers, and offer unlimited end-to-end Internet Telephony. Taking advantage of the ongoing proliferation of low-cost broadband Internet access worldwide (such as xDSL and WiFi Hotspots), Kosmaz Technologies is preparing tomorrow's infrastructure and operations framework for FREE of charges voice calls and advanced communication services. Kosmaz Technologies services are breaking free of local or national frontiers and legacy technology dependencies.

For more information, visit Voip-Info at: Voip-Info.org

Quick Question?

  • 3CX Phone System Review in ZDNet Alan Stevens from ZDNet reviewed 3CX Phone System for Windows and found it to be a very good product: “Very easy to configure and manage, the 3CX Phone System for Windows scores well on functionality and is compatible with most SIP handsets, gateways and services.”

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