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I've posted this here to help create a landing page for our Fax Blast:
  1. - One of the best benefits that the fax to email offers is that people are able to send or receive faxes from anywhere at any time and you are able to send the faxes from several devices such as iPad or Smartphone’s a PC or a laptop which makes it ideal for travelling business people.
  2. - Another reason why companies are using fax to email is because it saves them money unlike traditional fax machines that print each fax that is sent, the user is capable of determining whether a fax should be printed, also it saves on maintenance costs as well as the cost associated with replacing ink/toner cartridges, and because there is no longer a need to keep a fax machine permanently on, there are also saving on the electricity bills.
  3. - But over and above everything else the main reason why companies use fax to email services is because of the reliability that it offers. There are no more lost or misplaced faxes, the fax is delivered to the person that it was intended for, by appearing in the recipients email inbox as an unread message.
  4. - Fax to email is a good way to start teaching your staff how to save and “green” the environment and their surroundings. If you install fax to email, this will lead directly to you and your staff using less paper – the fax is sent directly to your inbox and unless you really need to print out a document or need a hard copy, this is an option which will lead directly to your staff reading the email, and either deleting it or filing this on their computer, thus saving on copious amounts of paper.
  5. - Fax to email is a good way to free up valuable space in the office – there will no longer be those bitty little fax machines that always seem to run out of ink, paper and take up valuable space.
  6. - Because you will now only perhaps need and all-in-one printing device that will do the majority of office tasks, your faxing options will now be a more clean-cut and neater option of carrying out office tasks – no more clutter and less paper used – make sure that your all-in-one device has a power saving option so that you can save even further on using less power and energy.
  7. - Your business fax to email option will also mean that you will have far more privacy – those prying eyes and nosey parkers that hang around the fax machine spying and trying their hardest to peek at all your private and personal documents can now be done away with as fax to email now means that all those documents that are meant for your eyes only will come directly to your inbox.
  8. - The beauty about fax to email is that every single individual staff member can now have his or her own fax number and all the faxes are directed to that individual’s number.
  9. - If you are in the field and running about all day and hardly get to sit at your desk, fax to email will overcome the problem of you not being able to respond to your client right away – the system is immediate and therefore your response-time is also immediate – fax to email now means that you can get your faxes directly into your inbox and therefore you will be able to pick these up from your iPad, Smartphone, BlackBerry of iPhoneno matter where you are.
  10. - Technology is indeed a marvelous thing – receiving important data wherever you are will certainly mean that you no longer have to worry that clients will become impatient and go to your competition – you will be able to run your ship a lot more efficiently with fax to email
  11. - Fax to email is a practical and fast way of doing business – run yours more efficiently by getting yours today.'
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