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If I Wasn't Always on the Phone, I'd Get More Done.


Freedom to Roam

For a successful business, life on the phone is a fact of life.

Having both your hands free to write notes or use your computer is a productivity boost for you and keeps your mind focused on the person on the other end.

Need to find something? No need to put them on hold. The cordless headset has a 300ft range. Walk out to your car if you need to and keep the conversation going.

One of the features I really like is EHS which stands for Electronic Hook Switch. EHS means that if you are across the hall and your phone rings, simply touch your earpiece to be connected. No more of those dangerous sprints across the hall just to catch the phone.

Promote your healthy neck and back

Shoulder neck strain syndrome is the most common musculo-skelatal disorder of the upper body. Symptoms range from a tight neck with or without headaches to severe incapacity, neck, shoulder, arm, wrist and hand pain or weakness. Cramping your phone handset up to your shoulder has serious long term health affects. According to ahealthyme.com, cramping neck pain often comes on suddenly but takes several days as longer to go away. Emotional stress can increase the intensity of cramping neck pain and extend the duration of residual symptoms, according to the National Library of Medicine.

Using a headset frees your ear from its forced relationship with your shoulder. I personally have found that I end the day with less tension and more energy.

One of the differences between a consumer grade headset and professional headset is comfort. Special attention is given to ensure we for whom the phone is part of our uniform can be worn all day, every day. These are the blue jeans of talk-wear. Our headsets come with separate and different wearing styles because one size doesn't fit all. The headsets are adjustable and we'll show you how they should be fit just for you.
Are they expensive? More than you'd pay at Futureshop; however these are engineered for your 60 hour work week. When a tool is critical to my business success, I need it to last for years without worrying about it. That's why we use and sell Jabra.

Articles of Interest

We might joke about our jobs being a "pain in the neck", but some of our on-the-job habits can trigger the kind of neck pain that's no laughing matter. If you want to avoid developing neck problems, there are several things to keep in mind. (Of course, if you are currently experiencing neck pain or stiffness, your doctor should first rule out any serious medical causes.)

Hundreds of thousands of people who regularly use a phone and a computer at work are likely to be suffering from musculoskeletal health problems, which results in neck pain, back pain and headaches. The first detailed study of telephone users in the office environment, presented at the 1999 Ergonomics Society Conference, demonstrates that there is a measurable health risk for anyone using the phone for just two hours daily.

Awkward neck postures can cause neck pain. In addition, nerves exiting the spinal column at the neck can be affected, resulting in symptoms in the arms and hands. Awkward neck postures while performing office work can be reduced by properly positioning everything that you look at frequently and using the telephone correctly.

According to ahealthyme.com, 13 percent of Americans experience neck pain at any given time. Neck pain can cause frustration and cause problems with getting a good night's rest, leading to increased strain in the body. Fortunately, most neck pain is not serious and is preventable and treatable with lifestyle changes, self care and medical help.

Shoulder-and-neck-strain-syndrome (SNSS) is the most common MSD (musculo-skeletal disorder) of the upper body. It is also the most common CTD (cumulative trauma disorder) encountered by the occupational medicine physician. SNSS symptoms range from a “tight neck" with or without headaches to severely incapacitating neck, shoulder, arm, wrist and hand pain / weakness. At its worst, it can culminate in a complex regional sympathetic dystrophy (CRPS or RSD). Although the pain comes from pinched nerve trunks or muscle cramping in the front-side of the neck, SNSS symptoms mimic carpal tunnel syndrome, wrist and forearm tendonitis, epicondylitis, rotator cuff injury, cervical strain, thoracic strain, non-cardiac chest pain, and cervical disc injury.

Ask About

  • Electronic Hook Switch
  • 300+ foot range
  • Call center grade construction
  • Puts your back and shoulders in a more neutral position.

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