The VTech VSP725 SOHO Phone

VTech VSP725 Business Phone

We really like this phone. Its by far the best phone available today for retail stores, restaurantes, home offices and small offices. VTech has a terrific job of bundling features that bring value to business owners and make this phone easy to install and support.

VTech VSP725 Office Desk Phone Review

This is one of the best phones available today - certainly at this price. The large color screen is also touch. With or without the option expansion sidecar, this makes an excellent receptionist phone.

Why the VTech VSP725 is a Great Phone

Here is a list of what we believe makes this phone great:
  • Includes AC power supply
  • Abundance of programmable buttons - 24 buttons
  • Highly legible monochrome screen
  • Wall mountable without accessories
  • Built in DECT radio for easy cordless phone add-on
  • Optionally PoE network powered
  • Centrally configurable and manageable
  • Built in network switch
  • Paper labels

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