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How To Make the Most of The 3CX Phone System Reception Switchboard

The 3CX Switchboard is a common place for all extensions and allows users to view their presence and manage their phone calls quickly and efficiently.

With the switchboard users can easily manage their phone calls. The switchboard has a number of different views which can be changed by opening the drop down menu at the top and selecting the view that you wish to use. You can easily view the status of colleague and transfer calls.

The receptionist view is for operators to quickly and efficiently answer and transfer calls or monitor the status of incoming calls and queues. (The queue manager view which is only available in pro) . you can also monitor response times and operational quality. The wallboard view is a great feature for big displays and keeps agents informed of status. This view is also only available in pro.

To access the switchboard settings click the Settings button next to the view drop-down a new window will open where you'll be able to control which groups to display and remote bridge presents connections the types of calls you want to show in the active cause section the view options where you can sort extensions by first name last name or extension number to change the presence.

The Switchboard feature for 3CX v14

The Switchboard provides present information, call management and more for boosted productivity.

Using the queue manager of you you can easily manage queue calls in real time when a call is received it can be forwarded to a group of extensions where the participants will answer the calls in order to access the switchboard by clicking on the switchboard button in the softphone client. Choose the queue manager view from the view drop-down menu and the incoming queue cause will be visible showing the active calls and selective queue calls. It also lists which agents are online for each queue as well as their status and statistics. Depending on your access permissions you will be able to handle their extension by right clicking on it and selecting among other options.

Other users present status can also be managed. Depending on your right you'll be able to handle their extension by right clicking on it and selecting pick up by verte or drop another method of transferring calls is by drag-and-droping the call or by dragging and dropping the call we will transfer the call to another extension. When a call is parked the call is put on hold and can be picked up from another telephone set. Depending on your rights you may have supplementary options such as barge in listen or whisper these additional options can be accessed by right clicking on the call.

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