Physical Door Security with Electronic Keys

Door security is important for commercial and apartment buildings. Entrance doors are the first line of defense against unauthorized visitors. These systems must not only be efficient in providing protection and user friendly but also allow safe exit in case of emergencies.

Demonstrating the Paxton Access Net2 Video Entry for Building Security

Our building security solutions allow you to see who it is at the door and to talk to them before allowing building access. Our door intercom security system works with any smart phone, desk phone, or computer that supports SIP standards for video or any basic phone for audio.

The system processes video, audio, and access control from a single station. When an outsider initiates a call through the intercom, a live video feed will display on the entry monitor. Building access and entry has also been made easier by enabling the insider to simply tap on a screen icon on the monitor. In addition, the interaction gets recorded into the access control history log. The standard panel features include:

  • Audio and video intercom system
  • With a keypad and RFID reader
  • Camera with low light sensitivity for day and night use
  • IP55 rating for use in any weather condition
  • Available in flush, surface mount, or rain hood option
  • SIP compatible

Paxton Access Control VS Keys

To find out more about 3CX and Paxton Door Intercom and Physical Security visit:

Helia combines state-of-the-art technology and expertise to provide the most reliable security services for your home or workplace. We want you to feel safe and confident knowing that your building's door and entryways are well protected.

Helia Technologies provides managed IT services to small and medium-sized businesses in Calgary. We guarantee responsive, comprehensive, and effective client support. Helia is all about ensuring continuity in your business by providing the most optimal technology solutions.

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