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More and more organization are becoming distributed either with local branch offices or satilite offices made up of home office users. In the past, these users would rely on Telus home phone lines, cell phone or a dedicated branch PBX. This made it difficult to transfer calls to remote workers and extra cost for managing multiple systems and dedicated phone lines

With current generation phone systems like 3CX, the phone infrastructure for branch offices and remote workers can be consolidated saving phone line and administrative costs.

All About Multiple Location Offices and Modern Phone Systems

Deploying a phone system to cover multiple offices is easy if its planned right. The primary consideration is your phone system manufacturer as the phone system must be of the same brand at all of your sites.

Three consolidation options for Multi-location based organizations

Using a current generation phone system like 3CX, your organization can take advantage of newer technologies

  • Forward to cell phone For those who are away on the road, calls from the office system can be sent directly to a cell phone. Regardless of where you sales team is, they are reachable on a single standard internal extension.
  • Internet based trunks between branch offices Whether standard Telus lines are used for you main phone lines or not, branch offices can be connected with commercial grade SIP trunks. This allows calls to be easily transferred to any extension in the organization with no long distance charges. For branch offices with more than 4 people we still recommend deploying a dedicated PBX on the branch site.
  • Remote Extensions You may use Telus phone lines for you phone system but you can still leverage internet technology for remote phones. This means a remote worker can have an office phone at their home or satellite office and still work as if they were in head office. Simply send them an office phone and plug it in to thier commercial grade internet.

Multiple Locations? We Can Set You Up With Remote Phone Systems

If your organization is based out of multiple locations, we can set your offices up with one of the leading remote phone systems available today.

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