Phone System works with leading CRMS including SugarCRM, SalesForce and Microsoft Dynamics

Two of your companies most important tools are your phone system and CRM system. Your CRM is your customer database and may hold your customers order history. Integrating your CRM to our Phone System is beneficial. By integrating you:

  • Shorten the time customers wait for calls to be answered
  • Customer information automatically appears on screens for employees
  • Avoid re-entering customer information
  • Get down to business more quickly and serve more customers

3CX Unites CRM and PBX with the CRM Integration Module

3CX Unites CRM and PBX with the CRM Integration Module Boost your company's sales and employee productivity by integrating 3CX Phone System 10 and your Customer Relationship Management system with the 3CX CRM Integration Module.

CRM integration means that account information and past orders can pop up on your screen automatically when a customer calls in allowing you to respond quicker to customers.

With CRM integration, customer data become more valuable with phone metadata being added directly into your customer database. Incoming outgoing and missed calls are automatically logged with customer records and because the customer record is located automatically when a customer calls, employees can focus on adding notes and not searching for the customer record. With all of this additional information, management reports become more useful and customers with the highest support costs can be balanced with customers that have not been serviced in a while.

3CX Phone System Platinum Partner

Three primary featurs of CRM integration include:

  • Click to Call
  • - With a single click, straight from your CRM, you can launch phone calls without the need to type a phone number.

  • Call Pop-ups
  • - By being linked to their caller ID, customer records are automatically opened when inbound calls are received. This saves precious time for customer service personnel and avoids frustration from customers who might otherwise have to spell out their name and wait while their records are found.

  • Call Journals
  • - All calls are logged into your CRM. This assists employees to keep track of call history with a customer to be able to meet their demands. Missed calls are also logged and linked to the customer's record so that customer service personnel can follow up.

CRM Integration with 3CX does support leading CRM solutions. Integration is available with a per seat license and is available for:

  • SugarCRM
  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • Google Contacts

CRM Integration with 3CX Phone System

3CX Unites CRM and PBX with the CRM Integration Module The most important aspects of your business is your phone system and customer relationship management database. We can provide you with CRM integration.

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