Tariscope Call Accounting for 3CX Phone System

For some businesses, phone and internet services are crucial factors in administrative functions. However, these services can result in a costly bill. For that, they must be accounted for and checked on a regular basis.

To find out more about Call Accounting and 3CX visit www.Tariscope.com

Helia's call accounting system monitors and controls your business' telecommunication costs. Our system is designed for telecommunication service of providers who have telephone exchanges or PBX and/or internet equipment. Our call accounting system's functions include but are not limited to:

  • Collects call records
  • Collects information about internet traffic from your system
  • Provides reports with details on the usage of your telecommunication system
  • Enables you to access the effectiveness of your telecommunication system

Our system is also designed with functions that provide:

  • Accounting of rendered services
  • Control and management of expenses for call and internet traffic
  • Analysis of activity of internet users and calls executed
  • Flexibility under specific telecommunication conditions

Helia is fully aware of the importance of monitoring your phone and internet services. We want you to feel secure knowing that your telecommunication services are monitored and accounted for. Complete with reports of phone and internet rendered services, Helia Call Accounting System aims to aid your business succeed and progress smoothly.

Helia Technologies provides managed IT services to small to medium sized businesses in Calgary. We also guarantee responsive, comprehensive, and efficient client support. Helia is all about ensuring continuity in your business by providing the most optimal technology solutions.

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  • Michael Black

    Working with Helia has been a great experience! Dar Zuch is knowledgeable, easy to work with, and makes great business snapshots that can be shown where ever I want to reach my audience. Thanks Dar! See him today if you want to get your name and business visible in the marketplace.

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