WebRTC Web-enables your Phone System

3CX Phone system embraces WebRTC technologies which web enables 3CX and your phone system. The new standard enables real-time video and audio straight from your browser and the browers of your customers, employees and suppliers. 3CX has implemented this technology as 3CX Web Conferencing.

With 3CX Web Conferencing, there is no need for any plugins or clients. The technology is developed and championed by Google so it has support by most computers on the planet and is is a game changer for video conferencing.

3CX includes a built-in WebRTC gateway which allows you to accept calls via WebRTC and forward them directly to your IVR (Auto Attendant) or call queues. In fact all the normal phone system functionaly you'd expect from your phone system can now be applied to web calls using 3CX.

Add Click-to-Call to your websites and allow web customers to directly call you from your online store or website which reduces toll free calling charges and allows you to elevate the call to screen sharing so you can guide calls through your store.


3CX Phone System support Office 365

Improve the way you handle customer calls. Now with 3CX Phone System and Office 365 integration, you can take advantage of accurate automatic activity reports that will allow customer service personnel to handle business effectively and efficiently. Also, with automatic call pop-ups no time is lost looking for the customers record.

Contact details automatically resolved for inbound calls All the information you need, when you need it. When a call is received the contact record will automatically open in your browser. This record includes a detailed call history listing all calls with that contact along with date, time, and duration of the call.

New contacts are automatically created if not resolvedNever miss a contact! If an inbound call is received and a contact is not resolved, a new contact will be automatically created and call information will be saved.

Call information saved in Contact notes As a detailed call log is saved for every contact, you are always kept informed and up to date about when your customers come in contact with you. You can also view if you missed a call from your customers and call them back thus enhancing their customer service experience with your company.

3CX Phone System Feature Comparison

3CX Phone Server comes in a Standard and Pro edition. Below is a comparison of the features offered in both editions.



General Features

Extensions Unlimited Unlimited
Number of Simultaneous Calls Supported 4=>1,024 4=>1,024
Call Logging
Call Reporting
Call Forward on Busy or No Answer
Call Routing by DID
Auto Attendant / Digital Receptionist
Voicemail/ Music on Hold
Central Phonebook
Call by Name
Call Parking / Pickup / Transfer
Call Queuing
Call Recording
MWI – Message Waiting Indicator
Supports Popular SIP Phones
Supports VoIP Gateways
Supports SIP Trunks
Intercom/ Paging
Ring Extension & Mobile Simultaneously
Extensive Codec Support (G711, G722, GSM, Speex, ILBC, G729)
Automatic Pickup on Busy
Call Recordings Management
Headset Answer Button Support (Jabra & Platronics)

Management and Scalability

Web-based Management Console
Automated Provisioning of Devices
Real Time Web-based System Status
Integrated Web Server
Easy Backup and Restore
SBC to Configure Remote Extensions
VMware / Hyper-V Compatibility
Connect Remote 3CX PBX Systems (Bridges)
Scheduled Backup and Restore
Inbuilt Fail Over Functionality

Unified Communications

Setting Up Conference Calls
See the Presence of Your Colleagues
Receive Voice Mail via Email
Receive Faxes via Email as PDF
Integrated Fax Server
Integrate Offices with 3CX Bridge
Click2Call (WebRTC)
Advanced Forwarding Rules
View Presence of Bridged PBXs

Call Center / Contact Center

Advanced Queue Strategies
Advanced Call Reporting
Real Time Queue Statistics
Queue Reports
Barge In / Listen In / Whisper
Query Customer Name Based on Caller ID
Ability to Use 3CXPhone API
Link Company Directory with LDAP / ODBC
Sync Phonebook with Microsoft Exchange
Real Time Queue Monitoring
Switchboard Queue Manager View
Call Recordings Search
Supervisor can Log Agents In/Out
Supports External Agents
Callback if queue full
SLA alerting/reporting


Android Client
iOS Client
Windows Phone Client
CTI Support
Seamlessly Create Conference Calls
Users can Configure their Own Extension
Provisioning by Email
Manage 3CXPhone from within the Console
Includes 3CX Tunnel to Avoid NAT Problems

IP Phone Management

Automatic Plug & Play Phone Provisioning
Manage IP Phones Network Wide from Console
Restart Phones Remotely
Update & Manage Firmware Network Wide

Application Integration

Microsoft Outlook Integration
Salesforce Integration
Microsoft Dynamics Integration
SugarCRM Integration
Microsoft Exchange 2013 / LDAP / ODBC

Web Conferencing

Plugin Free – WebRTC
One-click conference
Meeting Recording
Remote Control / Assistance
Screen Sharing
Unlimited Users
Participants Included 10 25
HELIA is a 3CX Platinum Partner

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