Calling Toll Free from your Home or Business

Acquiring 1-855 and other Toll Free Numbers for my Business in Canada

Canadian toll free numbers, including 1-855, are available as an add-on to business lines in Canada.

If you have a cell phone, a toll free number can be added as a third party service. We recommend our If you have an office line its simply a request of your phone carrier.

A 1-800 number is difficult to get as they have been available North American wide since 1966 and so are largely allocated. Special requests can be made and often have a surcharge as part of the request.

Alternate Toll Free Prefixes

If you'd like a toll free number but are more flexible on the prefix, alternatives are available. Since 1996, 888 numbers became available and then came the prefixes 855, 866, 877 and 844. Toll free numbers starting with 833, 822 and 880 are not yet available but have been set aside for future use.

Toll fee numbers allow customers to call your business without incurring extra charges. The usual long distance charges will be billed back to you, the owner of the toll fee number. In order to limit cost, toll free numbers can have geographic restrictions so they can only be used within Canada, or sometimes a particular province. Most common is that a toll free number is available for both Canada and the US. Rates vary greatly as well. Depending on your plan, typical rates are in the range of 6c - 20c per minute. In addition there is a charge of most often under $10 / month for the actual toll free number.

Vanity Numbers

Vanity numbers that spell a word like 1 87 RED CROSS are available at a cost. Calling your provider and requesting the vanity number is the place to start. We at HELIA discourage these numbers with words. With the advent of cell phones, many phones no longer have letters printed on them and so make it impossible for callers to call you. Many people also find it frustrating to search for the appropriate letter key in order to reach your business and so you your caller starts off on a frustrated wrong foot. Lastly, studies show that a phone numbers with repeating numbers is much easier to remember then a custom phrase for your phone number. If you want a number thats easy to remember, requesting a number with repeating numbers is a much better choice.

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