Phones for Medical Practices

3CX Call Center Module, which adds features to help handle high volume found in professional medical practices. With it, your practice can manage phone communications more efficiently and deliver superior patient response.

Increase your practices response levels with features such as real time agent & queue status and statistics, additional advanced queue strategies, agent features and more detailed reporting.

All About Medical Practices and Modern Phone Systems

Medical practices are incredibly busy places for the front desk. Particularly on Monday mornings, where there are patients coming in and the phones are ringing off the hook.

"Customer service is key in today's cut throat market. 3CX practices to deliver superior customer service without having to buy an expensive phone system. Previous to the 3CX Phone System, adding much needed call center features to your phone system was prohibitive", said Nick Galea, 3CX CEO.

Key features included in the 3CX Phone System Module are:

Advanced Real time Queue & Agent Statistics

The practice manager has access to advanced real time status information in the Queues page. Besides monitoring queue status, the practice can see the number of callers in the queue, the number of answered/unanswered calls, the average and longest wait time, time an agent logged in/out of the queue and more. Calls waiting longer then a specific period of time can be taken directly.

Call Back Feature

The Call Back feature allows patients to hang up and retain their position in the queue. When reception becomes available, the call will be put through to the caller automatically. The Call Back option can be selected by the patient or suggested after waiting a configurable number of minutes in the queue. In addition an email can be sent when a call back is requested. Patient response is improved with this feature, as they do not need to wait on the phone to be served.

SLA Alerts

The SLA (Service Level Agreement) Alerts feature allows the practice manager to be notified when callers have to wait beyond a configurable amount of time. In addition the event can belogged. Patient satisfaction can be ensured with the SLA alert feature, as staff can act immediately if a given customer service level is not met.

Listen in, Listen & Whisper and Barge in

3CX also features Listen in, Listen & Whisper and Barge in functions, allowing the practice manager or doctor monitor reception responses.
Customer service supervisors can listen into an agents call with the Listen feature. If reception isn't too sure on how to respond to the patients' request, the Listen & Whisper feature allows the practice manager to provide feedback to the agent only, allowing him/her to take the best course of action with regards the patient request. The Barge in feature allows the practice manager to join calls directly.

Wrap up Time

Wrap up time gives reception a configurable amount of time to enter notes in the patient record or follow up tasks before they have to take another call.

Additional features are available for practices including

  • Wall Board
  • The ability to log reception in and out of individual queues
  • Extensive reporting
  • Availability

Learn More

Call our Specialist. He can be reached at:

Picture of Dar ZuchDar ZuchBusiness IT Specialist - CalgaryHelia Technologies(403) 698-0700

Learn More

Call our Specialist. He can be reached at:

Picture of Dar ZuchDar ZuchBusiness IT Specialist - CalgaryHelia Technologies(403) 698-0700

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