Hotel Phone System

The best value hotel phone system from 3CX is a phone system designed for use within hotel properties and at a lower cost than competing brands. It brings all the fully hotel phone system functionality including special functionality required by property management including:

  • Check In / Check Out
  • Wake-up Call Functionality
  • Maid Status Codes
  • Mini-bar Codes
  • Billing and more

The 3CX Hotel Phone System can integrate with popular PMS / Hotel Management software like Micros Fidelio, or other PMS software that use the Mitel protocol. The hotel PMS systems that are supported include:

  • InnQuest RoomMaster 2000
  • Fidelio-Opera
  • MICROS-Fidelio
  • Fidelio
  • Protel
  • Brilliant Hotelsoftware

So What is the 3CX Hotel Phone System Module Exactly?

A hotel PBX is simply a standard PBX with additional hotel specific features that makes room management easier. Traditional PBX vendors have charged astronomical prices for these features, to the extent that many hotels end up leasing the PBX.

With 3CX, hotels can eliminate high monthly lease payments and cut their phone bill by leveraging VoIP. The investment in 3CX Phone System with Hotel Module can be earned back in a matter of months and in some cases, even days! In addition, management and staff want modern IP phone system features that 3CX can provide, whilst cutting costs at the same time.

Hotel phone systems used to be a profit center as guests used their room phones frequently. Unfortunately, because of the high call rates and the grown in popularity of mobile phones, room phones are used less often, to the point that it has stopped being a profit center and quickly become a cost center and yet room phones cannot be removed. As part of their internal guest service and to hang onto their star rating, hotels continue to keep phones in all their rooms, spending money on maintaining them every year.

With 3CX, hotels can route calls over SIP trunks and offer guests international calls at local rates, beating even mobile phone roaming fees! The Hotel phone system can become a profit center again.

The 3CX Hotel Module provides many features that are important when successfully running a hotel.

  1. Check-in and check-out of guests. This sets the guest name and unblocks the extension. On check-out, calls are billed, remaining voicemails are deleted and the extension is blocked for external calls.
  2. Front desk can set a room to do not disturb.
  3. It's possible to block external calls to a room, therefore, when the room is not occupied, any misuse of the phone can be eliminated.
  4. The wake-up call feature allows front desk to easily schedule wake-up calls for guests.
  5. Front desk can also bill all calls to a room and quickly see the overview of calls that have been made.

The ability to show the guests name on the phone display is a great feature, allowing hotel staff to greet guests with their name. Upon check-in, the guests' name is set and any IP phone will be able to display the guest's name. This is especially handy for front desk and restaurant staff. 3CX also provides billing information via CDR or SMDR. This allows call billing to be integrated with almost any hotel or billing software. Message waiting support is included. House-keeping features such as maid status, allows your staff to set the room status via the room phone itself, whilst the mini bar feature allows your staff to input mini bar inventory changes and restocking, resulting in a debit to the guest folio.

The 3CX Hotel Module has a web interface which allows hotel staff to perform all the hotel related functions via their web browser. This means there is no software to install on any of the receptionists' machines.

3CX Hotel Module is installed on the same machine as 3CX Phone System and runs on the same web server on which you have installed the 3CX Management Console.

The 3CX Hotel Module is available with hotel software or PMS integration. Both the web interface and the hotel software can be used to perform the hotel related functions. For example, a check-in or check-out performed from the hotel software will automatically trigger the appropriate actions on 3CX Phone System.

3CX can integrate with hotel software in a number of ways. First of all, via the 3CX Protocol, which closely resembles the Mitel SX 2000 PMS interface. Many hotel software packages integrate with Mitel. Simply select the Mitel SX 2000 from the hotel software package.

3CX also support the Fidelio Protocol. Most Fidelio installations support the Fidelio F.I.A.S. Protocol.

It's also relatively easy to support additional hotel software. Custom integration into your other systems in available.

Most hotels already have analog phones installed in their hotel rooms and even in service areas such as the kitchen, stewarding, bars and so on. Replacing all these phones would be a major expense, not mentioning the hassle that would come with it. In a lot of cases, there's no Ethernet wiring to the rooms at all, and the rooms often have multiple phones. By far, the easiest solution is to reuse the analog phones. This way, you also avoid rewiring. This can be done by using phone gateways. These gateways would be placed where the current PBX is and will connect analog phones to the IP PBX.

3CX is extremely cost effective because:

  • You can keep your analog phones
  • You can save on telephone admin costs and pass those savings onto your guests by routing calls through SIP trunks.
The 3CX Hotel Module provides excellent features such as the checking in and out of guests, blocking external calls, the wake-up feature and more.

Front desk and restaurants within the hotel will know which guest is calling them and will be able to greet the guest, which provides additional guest care.

3CX Phone System along with the 3CX Hotel Module have been installed in hotels all over the world. One of our customers, The Hotel Maierl in Kitzbuhel, has seen an increase in staff productivity and has made considerable savings on the hotel's telephone administration costs. Castelnou Aparthotel in Belgium has also realised savings of 75% on their telephone admin costs.

Learn More

Call our Specialist. He can be reached at:

Picture of Dar ZuchDar ZuchBusiness IT Specialist - CalgaryHelia Technologies(403) 698-0700

Learn More

Call our Specialist. He can be reached at:

Picture of Dar ZuchDar ZuchBusiness IT Specialist - CalgaryHelia Technologies(403) 698-0700

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