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Send Messages to your Colleagues

The 3CXPhone app includes a handy chat feature. Not only you can send chat messages to your colleagues, but you can also elevate your chat to a WebRTC call with audio and video or even a 3CX WebMeeting with a single click.

Steps To Start a Chat

  1. Click or tap the "Chat" button on the bottom row of icons. On Android, scroll the bottom line of icons to the left to see the chat icon.
  2. Select "Compose Chat" .
  3. This will bring up your company's extension list. Search or scroll to find the extension that you want to chat with and select it. Click "OK" to launch the chat window. You can also select multiple contacts and have a group chat.
  4. Click on the entry field at the bottom of the chat window and start writing your message. Press "Enter/Send" on your keyboard to send your message.

Elevate Your chat to a WebRTC Call

When having a one-to-one chat, you can elevate your chat to a WebRTC call with audio & video. To do so, click the "Send WebRTC call link" button. Your personal WebRTC call link will be sent to your chat window. Your colleague can click on the link and call you directly from his/her browser.

Elevate your chat to a WebMeeting

When having a group chat, you can elevate your chat to a web meeting and all of your chat participants can join in with audio and video. To create a web meeting, click the "Create WebMeeting" button. Your browser will launch and you will be immediately logged into the meeting. A link to join the web meeting will be sent to your chat window. Your colleagues can click the link to join the web meeting.

Deleting Chat History

  1. Tap the "Chat" button to access your chat history.
  2. Right click (Windows, Mac) or long press (Android) on a chat. Select "Delete".
  3. A screen will appear asking you to confirm the deletion, press "OK".

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  • Taha Jomha

    I ordered a 3CX license and a bunch of phones. I am hosting my own server and had some problems. The HELIA support team was very helpful and quick to respond to my emails. I also appreciated that they programmed the gateways for me so all I had to do was plug them in. Highly recommended.

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