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What Are the Call Forwarding Rules?

The call forwarding feature allows you to configure how 3CX Phone System will handle incoming calls that you are unable to take. Depending on your current status and time, you can forward calls to voicemail, another extension, an external number, Skype ID, your mobile, or send a busy signal. For example, if you are unable to take a call whilst your status is “Available”, you can forward the call to your voicemail. If your status is set to “Out of Office” you could forward it to your mobile. 3CXPhone can be configured to automatically switch between “Available” and “Out of Office” status based on how your office hours are configured. Ask your administrator for this feature.

How to configure your forwarding rules when busy

  1. Click or tap on your status.
  2. From the list click or tap ">" to access the forwarding rules for the selected status.
  3. Call Forwarding When Busy, Set Available or Available 2

    If your status is set to one of the above, incoming calls can be treated differently based on whether you are already on the phone or unable to answer it:

    Custom Profile Name

    Enter a custom profile name to provide extra details. Combine this with a custom status. Applicable for Available 2.

    Custom Status Message

    Enter a custom status message to provide extra details. For example if you enter "Checking invoices" your status will appear as "Available - Checking invoices".

    Unanswered Calls

    • Timeout: The time in seconds you will have available to answer the call before the forwarding rules come into effect.
    • Forward To: Where to forward a call when there is no answer and the timeout expires.
    • My Voicemail: Forward to your voicemail.
    • Extension: Select the extension you wish to forward your unanswered calls to. Check the "Voicemail" option to forward the call to the extension's voicemail.
    • My Mobile*: Forward to your mobile number. Your mobile number must be specified in 3CX Phone System by your administrator.
    • External Number: Enter an external number to forward your calls.
    • Send Busy: Disconnects the call after the timeout expires.
    • Forward Internal Calls To: Where to forward internal calls when there is no answer and the timeout expires.
    • Same as All Calls: Follow the same rule applied in "Forward To".
    • *Rebound: When the rebound option is enabled, the called party will be notified of an incoming call and will be given the option to take the call or to direct it to voicemail.

    Busy or Not Registered

    When your 3CXPhone is busy or not registered, you can set calls to be handled using the same options as above.

    Also Ring My Mobile Option

    If this option is checked and you have a mobile phone number specified in 3CX Phone System, it will also ring your mobile number.

    Accept Multiple Calls Option

    Allows you to receive a second call if you are already on the phone.

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