3cx Freedom To The Network Manager

Manage the Phone System via 3CX’s Web-Based Console

With 3CX, network managers break free from the archaic user interfaces of conventional PBXs and from the traditional PBX vendor.

With the intuitive web-based console, administrators can easily create extensions and make P BX configuration changes without needing the PBX vendor.

Because 3CX Phone System is just another Windows server application, it is easy to manage too. It can be monitored just like any other Windows server application using your existing network monitoring package.

As 3CX Phone System is completely software-based, it provides many advantages over a traditional PBX or an IP PBX appliance.

It’s easier to manage and control and you do not need to learn how to update and troubleshoot an obscure home-made Linux version.

A software-based phone system scales a lot better too — just add more phones and lines as you go along without being limited by the ports or processor on the appliance.

You can install 3CX Phone System on your existing server or virtualize it and eliminate extra hardware, energy and management costs.

You can easily backup your PBX and restore it on another machine in case of hardware failure - an impossible task when an appliance breaks down.

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