Phone System

  • 3CX phone system is installed in many colonies now and has been very popular with all of them. Don't take our word for it, call them. We've included a list below.

    We include very special colony pricing and have the colony do most of the work so you have a very good system at a very good price that you can control yourself.

    There are four things we do for colonies that no one else provides:

    • Bells can be rung throughout the colony for Dinner, Church and German school over the phone system
    • Church service can be broadcast over the phone system
    • Providing special direct dial phone numbers are provided to the colony
    • Colonies are allowed and trained to manage their own phone system

    Why HELIA provides the best phone systems for Colonies

    We think we have the best phone system for Colonies and we would like to have your business. Here are the reasons we think you should call us for your colony phone system.

    Phones for Colonies

    There are different model phones that are common in colonies including these ones:

    Yealink T48g Phone

    Shops and Homes - Yealink T48g

    The T48g has a large touch screen which makes it easy to have speed dial buttons that are easy to read. The phone allows paging and intercom. School bell and dinner bell can ring through the phone

    More Info...

    Yealink T27p Phone

    Homes - Yealink T27p

    The T27g is a good phone that can also provide paging and intercom and bells. There are only 5 extra keys for speed dial.

    More Info...

    Yealink W52p Phone

    Homes - Yealink W52p Cordless

    Many colonies provide a cordless phone in the homes in addition to the table top phone.

    More Info...

    New Phone Models

    We are currently testing two new model phones that will bring down the cost of the system. The V-Tech VSP735 is a very good phone that allows a cordless phone to be attached directly to it. That means there is less cabling and less work and less cost per phone.

    VTech VSP735 Phone

    Shops and Homes - VTech VSP735

    The VSP735 has 32 programmable keys for speed dial and paging. A cordless phone can easily be added or a cordless headset.

    More Info...

    VTech VSP600 Cordless Phone

    Cordless Phone - VTech VSP600

    The VTech VSP600 cordless phone is a nice addition for homes. Many colonies provide one table top phone and a cordless phone for each home.

    More Info...

    Thank You

    Thank you to all of our Hutterite Colony customers including:

    • High River Colony
    • Hughenden Colony
    • New York Colony
    • Spring Creek Colony
    • Sunnybend Colony
    • Sunshine Colony
    • Tofield Colony
    • Webb Colony
    • Goldridge Colony
    • Granum Colony
    • Codesa Colony
    • Elkwater Colony
    • Fairview Colony
    • Birchhills Colony
    • Wintering Hills Colony
    • Spring Water Colony
    • Starland Colony
    • Arrowwood Colony

    Special thanks to Darius Hofer of Wintering Hills Colony

    Other Areas

    Kitchen - The kitchen has a special button so they can ring the dinner bell over the phones. They also have a wall speaker to hear church service.

    Shops - Shops often have an additional paging speaker to hear pages and the bell.

    Church - A phone device is installed in the church to connect to your amplifier PA system. With the provided remote, you press a button to broadcast church to the phones in the colony and then press the stop button to stop broadcasting. Where the church is broadcast depends on the colony. In most colonies, only people that receive permission from the Minister will receive the broadcast.

    Learn more about our Church solution for colonies

    Paging and Intercom

    Paging and intercom are included in the system. You can page out to all phones or just to shops or just to homes. Intercom allows you to dial a phone and talk without having them walk over to the phone to pick up. This is good for shops.


    We use a PFSense firewall to protect the colony and to allow restrictions to be placed on the the internet. Each colony is different and so the boss and minister decide on what restrictions are appropriate for the colony.

    PFSense is a commercial grade advanced firewall that allows us to create restrictions based on time of day, by computer, and by building at the colony.

    Internet providers and speeds vary across Manitoba, Saskatchawan and Alberta. You need a good quality connection to have reliable calls. Axia is the best. With special permission you can use the internet from the colony school which is high quality. CCI net has proven to be good as well as Labb and Bell. For Bell LTE internet we recommend Ahmed Fares who takes care Bell phones and Bell internet of many colonies. Ahmed Fares (403) 615-5059

    Wires in the Ground?

    We don't use underground wires and so there is no need for trenching. All connections between building uses commercial wireless. Cables in the buildings originate from a single point in each building and use Cat5E network cable that will be installed by your colony electrician. In addition, an antenna is mounted on your grain tower or similar high point and an antenna on each building. The cable on the tower is special Cat5e cable with a conductor for ESD or lightening to help drain excess energy from weather.

    Phone Lines

    Phone lines are provided by us and our HeliaVoice sister company. Most colonies use pre-paid pay-as-you-go packages that tend to have the best value. We also have more standard price per line packages

    Phone Numbers

    Most colonies have a single phone number for the colony. When someone calls the colony, they will hear a message to press 1 for business or 2 for residences. They can then dial the number. Direct phone numbers for each business or home is also available but there is small additional per month cost for the additional numbers.

    Extension Numbering

    We like to follow the extension numbering of Jake Stahl in Saskatchawan. That way all colonies have similar extension lists, even when they're not on our 3CX phone system. Residences are typically on the 100 series extensions and Shops are on the 700 series extensions.

    Overview of Installation

    We've included a overview of installation. To view it, visit Installing a Colony Phone System.

    Learn More

    Call our Specialist. He can be reached at:

    Picture of Dar ZuchDar ZuchBusiness IT Specialist - CalgaryHelia Technologies(403) 698-0700
  • John Wright

    Helia know what they are doing, they get the job done, save you money and most important they care about thier customers.

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