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Colony Phone Systems from HELIA

Colony Direct Dial are a propriatery phone number format used to connect colonies together. It allows colonies to call phones at other colonies without having to go through the phone menu system. Each phone at the colony receives a direct number and can be called from any other colony that is connected. The sound quality on these calls will be significantly better as they use the G722 High Definition digital channel. The system and phone numbers cannot be used by phones outside of colonies.


How it Works

Each colony receives a published colony number. For instance Camrose colony is colony 100. Based on the standard extension numbers for colonies, the kitchen is extension 701. For another colony to dial the kitchen at Camrose colony they would dial 7 100 701, where 100 is the Camrose colony code and 701 is the kitchen extension. Theses numbers always begin with 7.

Colony numbers are assigned on request. If you would like to be included, contact us below.


Costs are very low but the cost of the equipment used must be covered. The first two lines for each colony are free. Additional lines are $18 / line / month. With the system in place, there are no per minute charges, long distance charges or other phone line charges to call colony to colony.


If the colony has a VoIP phone system, the setup is quite easy. An additional Trunk or Sip provider must be setup with the appropriate username and password for the trunk. DIDs (Phone numbers) will be programmed into the phone system for each extension. If you are using the 3CX Phone System, this is done with Inbound routes. We can send you some easy to follow instruction on how to do this.

We recommend the 3CX Phone System for all colonies. It provides the best value and low line costs. Its easy to setup and maintain. Click to find out more.

If you have an older Nortel phone system, this can still be included. A PRI to SIP gateway will need to be added to your phone system. This will allow your Nortel system to support DID phone numbers and call out to the Colony phone network. If your Nortel system will not support a PRI gateway then an FXS gateway can be used. An additional line key will need to be assigned to the phones to allow direct dial.

How Does My Colony Get the Credentials?

First step is to make a phone call and call us or fill in our request form. We will issue you the username and password to create the lines. If your using a Nortel or other older system you will need a FXO adapter to connect the new lines.

To request an account, click here and complete the request form

Who is using ColonyDirectDial?

A list of colonies that have been assigned numbers can be found at:

Learn More

Call our Specialist. He can be reached at:

Picture of Dar ZuchDar ZuchBusiness IT Specialist - CalgaryHelia Technologies(403) 698-0700

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  • “I was attracted to 3CX’ software because of its simplicity, because it runs on Windows and because it has web-based management.”

    Steve Hechtman, President
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