Upgrading your Cisco UC320 Phone System

Cisco UC320 Phone systems are a common type of phone system deployed by Telus and other Vendors in Alberta. They provide excellent value for companies in a single location with under 20 employees.

Expanding your Cisco UC320

We consider the Cisco UC320 one of the best phone systems available for small business. The UC 320 has by default ability to support 4 Telus or Shaw phone lines and up to 24 extensions. It can also support a single cordless phone or conference phone.

Expansion allows the Cisco UC320 to have up to 12 Telus or Shaw phone lines and a combination of up to 11 cordless phones or conference room phones. This is done by using the Cisco SPA8800 expansion module designed for use with the Cisco UC320 phone system

The professionals at Helia are trained on the installation of Cisco phone systems and can provide service or repairs for your existing system.

As of January 2014, Cisco has discontinued the UC320 system and will no longer be available for new customers.

Expanding Beyond the Cisco UC320

If you currently are on a Cisco UC320 system and are expanding beyond its capabilities there is good news! The Cisco phones used by the UC320 are standards based and can be used with larger and more complex phone systems allowing you to carry forward that significant cost component.

The desk phone in your phone systems have a higher value than does the phone syste PBX (UC320) itself. By using a phone system that is compatible with the Cisco phones you are using, you can minimize the cost of growing into a new system. We at Helia recommend the 3CX Phone System. The 3CX Phone system has all the features of your Cisco UC320 and support your existing phones. It also adds a lot more feature like remote sites and remote phones. The 3CX Phone System can support multiple offices and hundreds to over a thousand phones.

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