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Call Center Auto Dialer and Power Dialers for Internal Sales Teams.

Acarda Messenger auto dialer software automatically phones a list of people and plays them a sales message about your service. It can then give the person a chance to respond to say they are interested by for example pressing 1 then later you can get a report of all those who pressed 1. If you have a PBX that can transfer calls or a centrex call transfer service then you can also give them the option to be transferred to your staff. Acarda Messenger allows you to import your FTC DNC list and will check numbers against the imported list before it calls them. The Standard Edition of Acarda Messenger is usually used for sales lead generation and has a Sales Lead calling template whereas the Advanced Edition can also be used for calling clients, using a Client Call template, to remind them about appointments or bill payments. The Advanced Edition also has a Survey template so it can be used to take basic surveys.

You can download a training power point presentation on Acarda Messenger from http://www.acarda.com/downloads//acardamessenger/AcardaMessengerPresentation.ppt

You can either purchase the software online from us, and assemble the dialer with the hardware yourself; or, we can put you in contact with a reseller, who can provide a complete turn-key system (just ask for reseller details). To do it yourself you will need: A Compatible Dialogic Card with Dialogic Drivers Acarda Messenger Software (http://www.acarda.com/auto-dialer-pricing.htm) A computer that can support the hardware and Acarda Messenger (e.g. Windows XP Professional, Windows 7) Acarda Messenger autodialer can use the following dialogic telephony cards: D/4PCIU, D/4PCI, Dialog/4 , D/41D, D/21D, D/41E, D/41ESC, D21/H, D41/H, Proline/2V, and other compatible cards. You can purchase a range of secondhand Dialogic Cards from AceSystems.com, see http://www.acesystems.com/index.php/dialogic/analog/pci.html. You may need assistance from your IT/computer support people to put it together. If you buy a Dialogic Card make sure you ask for the Dialogic Drivers that are needed for it.

Visit our dedicated telemarketing tools site at www.TelemarketingTools.ca

Support Service and Software Updates

When you purchase or rent Acarda Messenger it includes our Software Maintenance Plan (SMP) which provides you with priority telephone support (up to 60 minutes) and all software upgrades for no additional charge. The rental option price includes the SMP. With the purchase option, the price includes the first 12-month SMP period and subsequent SMP’s are $86 per year. For full details on the Software Maintenance Plan and our support service please see http://www.acarda.com/support-plans.html.

Laws and Regulations

There are many laws and regulations, restricting or prohibiting the use of auto dialers. Before using auto dialers for solicitation purposes you should consult with your own counsel to determine the extent, if any, of permissible solicitation activities.


You can download a trial of Acarda Messenger at http://www.acarda.com/email-download.html?product=AMA. Note that you will not be able to start dialing until you purchase a license and have a Dialogic Card installed.

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