Fully Digital Phones for Calgary Business

In the day of Nortel, phone system decisions were easy. Here in Calgary, all you needed to know was how many lines and how many extension. Those days are gone but have ushered an era of much lower prices, unheard-of flexibility and significantly lower monthly costs.

Hosted VoIP Systems or Legacy Phone Systems?

Nortel is gone. The company that replaced it, Avaya, announced bankrupcy Nov 2016. Toshiba, another big phone system vendor annonced they would exit the market altogether. The reason is the impact VoIP technolgy has had on business phone system. It is now as reliable as the legacy systems with a much lower cost.

Internet phone lines are now a option but not a requirement. Phone systems can use legacy phone lines from Telus, Shaw, Bell in Calgary or other big providers. They also have the option of using newer digital VoIP lines which provide a much lower cost with more flexibility

Phone System Options for No VoIP

At HELIA we recommend Yeastar phone systems for non-voip. Yeastar provides all the features of a newer phone system with the newer phones but use the legacy phone lines from Telus, Bell, or Shaw in Alberta. In the future, the door is open to add VoIP lines and mix the two.

Why Hosted Phone Systems?

The vast majority of VoIP phone system options are Hosted phone systems. Hosted phone systems use VoIP phones however the PBX (aka phone server or phone brains) are in the cloud. This significantly reduces the overall capital cost of the system as the PBX costs are rolled into monthly service costs.

Typical costs in Calgary are $35 / month / extension. If you have 10 phone extensions, expect a monthly cost of about $350 / month which includes the phone service. This is a good price because the large upfront capital cost is abscent.

Hosted phone systems loose their attraction when a growing percentage of the extensions are under utilized. This is the case in public venues like Churchs, hotels, large offices and other public spaces. Regardless of how much the phone is used - or not at all, the monthly charge still remains the standard $35 / month. This makes Hosted phone systems in Calgary a good deal for small business and particularily retail but a poor choice for larger businesses.

3CX Phone System Platinum Partner

All About Premise Phone Systems

Premise phone systems have a much higher-up front cost as all the equipment, installation and programming are done at your site. The monthly operating costs can be significantly less, particularily for larger business that require low-use phones to be place in public space for reasons of convenience and safety.

These systems typically are not charged based on number of extensions but on capacity and call volumne. 3CX Phone System is the primary phone system that we recommend for Calgarians and Calgary business. We think it provides excellent value and some leading features that are useful, valueable and not found in other phone systems. It also allows the choice of VoIP or no VoIP lines while integrating with Gmail, Microsoft Office 365 and a number of the leading CRM and other enterprise software packages. This site at http://www.Office-Phone-Systems.ca is dedicated to 3CX Phone System and helping you make the right decisions.

Shopping for a Phone System in Calgary

There are a wide range of phone options available in Calgary and in Alberta. Its good to know your options and what you need. Phone system are an investment that usually lasts a company 5 - 10 years and so an outlook into the growth of a company should be considered.

At HELIA, we offer a free consultation to talk about where your business is now and the opportunity phone systems can add to the growth of your company. There are a number of vendors, products and choices and no one size fits all

Free Calgary-Based Phone System Training for your Front Desk and Administrators

HELIA provide free monthly phone system training in Calgary. The training is open to all. Its held at the Biz Assist offices on Peigan Trail in South East Calgary on the second Wednesday of every month. Learn more about the topics, dates, and location at: http://helia.ca/learn3cx/

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