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3CX’s business model has been to provide businesses with an affordable, frustration-free PBX. The solution to this problem was an open standards-based PBX available as downloadable software. 3CX software-based phone systems are fully featured PBX’s with compatibility for SIP phones and Windows servers. Small businesses and call centers benefit from the phone systems’ interoperability with existing networks and mobile solutions, reducing costs associated with cabling and VoIP services.

Phone Service Choice is yours. Choose PSTN, PRI, SIP or even GSM.

Operate the 3CX phone system with SIP phones, PSTN lines via VoIP gateways or cards, or even cell phones. This phone systems provide reliability and scalability for business telephony.


Easy Web Based Video Converencing allows Colaboration Wherever You Are

3CX WebMeeting is an enterprise-class, clientless web collaboration and video conferencing solution that takes your collaboration and communications to the next level. In real-time, colleagues, partners and customers can come together to share ideas and information.

Give your teams freedom to collaborate without having to think about the investment team coordination requires such as business travel and managing office space. 3CX WebMeeting allows you to collaborate on a new marketing plan, sales presentation or new product with colleagues that are located in different time zones. You can easily see the impact of an idea on your teammates’ faces and review a document on the fly. Welcome to the power of web collaboration.

Simple and Easy to Migrate

Because 3CX is based on existing network standards and leverages your exiting IT infrastructure, deployment is simple and easy. 3CX can co-exist with your existing phone system until its time to cut-over, making deployment and transition simple to plan and easy to deploy.

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Call our Specialist. He can be reached at:

Picture of Dar ZuchDar ZuchBusiness IT Specialist - CalgaryHelia Technologies(403) 698-0700

  • John Wright

    Helia know what they are doing, they get the job done, save you money and most important they care about thier customers.

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