Installing the Colony Phone System

Installing a colony phone system depends on the skill level of the people installing the system. If the colony has people that are interested in computer networking and making technology work then the installation goes much easier and smoother. A typical colony phone system take 6-8 weeks

A typical Colony phone system has phones in each of the shops, home and kitchen. These may be table top phones or cordless phones. Many colonies include a table top phone for each phone as well as a cordless phone. There is also a phone unit in the Church so that service can be broadcast and paging units in louder areas where the phone is not loud enough.

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Phone System Integration

Integrating Your Phone System with Accounting, CRM, POS, and Custom Applications

Leverage your enterprise systems by integrating with your Phone System. Your phone system is highest touch point between your organizations and your customers. Accelerate customer service by making available customer information before the call is answered. This allows your employees to be prepared for the call before they even lift the handset.

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Reliable Broadband

How your Internet Connection Impacts your VoIP Phone System

Broadband quaility is the root cause of most problems with non-commercial voip installs. If you currently use VoIP and have quality issues, this would be a place to start investigating.

Broadband refers to your company office internet connection. It could be:
  • xDSL
  • Wireless
  • Satellite
  • Cable
  • Fiber
  • MPLS
  • LTE/3G/4G
  • or a combination of the above

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Not All WiFi Is Created Equally

Wifi adapters found at local office supply stores such as Staples or Office Depot are not sufficient for real time traffic such as voice calls.

Some featues you should ensure exists in your WiFi access points are:

  • VLANs - VLans allow your voice traffic to be segmented from your other network traffic and prioritized to ensure voice quality remains optimal even on a busy network.
  • QOS - Quality of Service is used in conjunction with VLANs to ensure bandwidth is reserved for audio calls.
  • Seamless Roaming or Zero-Handoff - As users move around a building, the access point they will use will change. With consumer grade access points, this change in access points will also have a drop in network traffic as your device connects to the new access point. This drop also causes a drop in audio for the duration in the switch over. Seamless roaming options manage this transition and maintains voice quality.

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Network Switches and Routers For Use With VoIP

Network Switches and Routers For Use With VoIP

Routing advanced traffic like voice and video require advanced network equipment. Entry level models such as those purchased from retail locations is not suffient for voice and video applications. Both advanced network routes and network switches should be considered. These devices include features that make voice and video applications more reliable. Whether or not SIP trunks are used to route calls outside your organization, your internal and inter-office calls should be deployed over IP infrastructure.

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Professional Voice Actors for your Auto Attendant and Phone System Menus.

We all spend a lot of effort and money to project a professional image and sometime your phone system gets forgotton. We think what your callers hear is as important as your letterhead or website. Actually we think its more important. Thats why we sit down with you and in detail map out the call flow for your inbound calls and create scripts for each of the prompts thats required. These scripts then go to professional voice actors who go to a professional recording studio and create studio produced masters that we then load into your phone system for you.

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Inbound Call Flows for Office Phone Systems

Often, the first interaction that customers have with your company is with your phone system, and a good first impression is critical to the relationship with these customers. This requires great, well-designed call flows. A call flow is a road map to how callers will be served from beginning to end. A good call flow design provides optimum service and the best customer experience. It is a prerequisite for planning and implementing an auto-attendant or IVR.

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Quick Question?

  • 3CX Phone System Review in ZDNet Alan Stevens from ZDNet reviewed 3CX Phone System for Windows and found it to be a very good product: “Very easy to configure and manage, the 3CX Phone System for Windows scores well on functionality and is compatible with most SIP handsets, gateways and services.”

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